Thursday, 17 February 2011

Lighting For A Promo Shoot

Last week I shot some photographs for a national newspaper client who were doing a readers promotion with beauty products retailer The Bodyshop . I do a fair amount of portrait work these days but not much under studio conditions and I thought this would make a good blog posting on lighting for those who like me not too long ago, find lighting rather intimidating, as the setup was very simple and easy to replicate

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Fuji X100 release date and pricing announced

Finally the moment a lot of us have been waiting for, the release date and price-point for the Fuji X100 pro spec-compact camera have been announced. I've been pretty excited by this camera since it was unveiled at Photokina in September 2010 and on paper it looks fantastic... 12.3 MP, up to 5 fps, 200-6400 ISO, RAW and Jpeg capability, a hybrid viewfinder, a fixed Fujinon 35mm(equivalent) F2 lens and a Magnesium alloy body, this could be the killer compact.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Archiving Your Photo Library

Over the years I have saved my digital and analogue images to so many different types of media . First there were sleeves and zip discs for film and then CD's/DVD's and as files sizes from digital images have now increased tenfold, in recent years external Hard Drives . I've always used Lacie D2 drives, not because they are necessarily the best, but they have always worked for me, I can "daisy chain" them together with firewire cables and so far have never failed.
The thing is it came to the stage in 2010 where I had my archive spread over this whole range of media and it was taking ages to locate images for clients and any presentation I was making. I had been reading up a lot about the various types of media storage now available, and there are plenty including optical discs, Drobos and RAID systems but eventually I decided to go with a pair of larger 2TB versions of the LACIE drives I had been using over the last 5 years or so .

Sunday, 6 February 2011


Skimming through the excellent Photoshelter Blog the other day I came across a article entitled
 "Top Ten Ways To Piss Off A Photographer " which made me chuckle, so many of the examples sounded familiar! It's been up a while now, I believe it was originally posted last summer but well worth a read.
Potential clients offering a photo credit as payment, simply pinching an image and using it without prior consent or attempting to rights grab an image in the small print of an agreement are occurrences I'm sure plenty of professional photographers have come across in their careers especially since the Industry has gone digital.
I signed up to Photoshelter recently as a way to have a website which doesn't just showcase my portfolio
but also acts as an archive with built in e-commerce and so far I'm extremely pleased with the results which you can see here,  tell me what you think and make sure you check out the link above from the Photoshelter blog and see how familiar you are with the ten examples....