Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Down The Ganges

30,000 ft above India 27 March 2007

I’ve been fortunate enough to have just travelled across eastern India shooting a feature on the river Ganges or “Ganga” as it is known to the Indians for a british newspaper taking a snapshot of modern India along the way. Finding out how the country, economy and people really are faring in the new globalised world that we live in today. India is incredibly keen to show the world a image of a new India, with a powerful economy, largely in the IT sector, attracting huge overseas investment and a sharply rising middle class population with disposable incomes .

The Ganges is in total 1557 miles long and stretches from the foothills of the Himalayas to the Indian Port of Calcutta and the Bay of Bengal, supplying water to one twelfth of the world’s population, both rich and poor, but largely the latter of the two. The Ganges is worshipped by the Hindu faith , one of the three dominant religions in India, and is believed to be not only a source of life but also able to wash one's sins away, and Hindu's from across the globe make pilgrimage to the river along it’s course referring to it as “Ma Ganga.” after the mythical goddess whom the river is named after.