Friday, 28 November 2014

Black Eagle - shooting multimedia in Poland

As if often the case in the era of multimedia news gathering I was recently despatched to Poland on a whirlwind visit to shoot stills and video . A British armoured Battlegroup have been taking part in war games with the Polish military entitle “ Black Eagle” for several weeks and the press had been invited along to coincide with a visit by the CGS General Nick Carter .

We had to be at the army base in Poland bright and early on Friday morning so our only choice was to fly late Thursday night to Berlin and then drive for the border, luckily only a 2 ½ hr drive . Our hotel for the night was literally a truck stop Motel, with a bit of a Swiss chalet style thing going on, but being a 10 minute drive from our rendezvous point the following morning it was bearable .