Friday, 22 April 2016

My First Royal Tour

I embarked on my first Royal Tour with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with great trepidation . Some of the other photographers at the my newspaper are old hands but for me this was a daunting prospect, the only other " tour" I'd done was with Prince William in Malta a couple of years previous which was a rather low key affair after the bulk of the media cancelled when the news broke that Kate wouldn't be joining him .
I've been to India a couple of times already, once to shoot a feature on the Ganges from it's start in the foothills of the Himalaya's to it's finish in the Bay of Bengal and also a street food feature in Mumbai and Delhi . What had me nervous wasn't the location but the scale of the event, the logistics and having to work with a Royal  press pack who are a tight knit team and work and with the Palace press office on a daily basis unlike me . Considering that this Royal Tour also took in the mountain kingdom of Bhutan this really was an assignment I could swerve, this was likely my once in a lifetime chance to visit the fiercely traditional Himalayan nation .

The tour saw multiple daily engagements crammed into seven days in five different cities in two different countries . We arrived a day early to get ourselves organised including picking up local 4g sim cards to facilitate sending images back to London which the local High Commission kindly organised with the help of Vodafone . On day one we took in the Slums of Mumbai followed by the glitz of a Bollywood style red carpet event, I then stayed on the following morning to cover an engagement as the Pool photographer whilst the others bundled themselves off to Delhi several hours ahead .