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Fuji X Pro 2 long term review

Labour Shadow Cabinet at the TUC headquarters in central London 13 June 2016     1/950th f2 1600 iso
I've been shooting with the Fuji X Pro 2 for around 18 months now and thought it was probably time I gave my thoughts on the camera .
When the original Fuji X 100 came out in 2011 I immediately leapt at the chance of owning one as at that point in time it seemed that none of the camera manufacturers had come up with what I was after , a digital equivalent of my old Konica Hexar AF . Back in the nineties when professional newspaper photographers like myself were still shooting film the Hexar was a revolutionary piece of kit . Up until that point if you wanted something smaller than your regular press kit you were likely to wither end up with a Leica M6, a Contax G2 , Olympus Mju II or a Ricoh GR . I never knew anyone that was happy with the G2 build quality, Leica rangefinder focusing has always been an acquired taste which left the Olympus and Ricoh, the latter being the better of th…

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