The Games

Glasgow, I heard plenty over the years and Scots would often reply if I mentioned that I'd visited Edinburgh once in my twenties that Glasgow is a real Scottish city . With the backdrop of the Referendum for Scots independence I travelled up to Scotland's second city on a particularly noisy Virgin train (was on the way back too and I complained), it's tannoy refusing to keep quiet for more than 5 minutes at a time .

The Commonwealth Games were a bit like a diet version of the Olympics without the Juggernauts of America, China and Russia, and without quite so many photographers . I was a little more familiar with the sports by now after my fortnight at the 2012 Olympics but still felt every bit the novice when working in the shadow of the likes of The Guardian's Tom Jenkins and the experienced sports guys and girls from the major agencies .

Canon's CPS were there as they usually are at major sporting events and Jakki Moores and Frankie Jim were a fantastic help with lending me kit at short notice when needed throughout the Games .

It was a tough two weeks and the amount of Athletic stars that pulled out after tickets were already sold was disappointing but for all that I had a great time . Funnily enough forgetting the hype surrounding a certain Virgin sponsored sprinter from across the pond competing in the 100m relay the highlight of the Games for me were in fact the Glaswegians themselves .


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