Fuji X100 release date and pricing announced

Finally the moment a lot of us have been waiting for, the release date and price-point for the Fuji X100 pro spec-compact camera have been announced. I've been pretty excited by this camera since it was unveiled at Photokina in September 2010 and on paper it looks fantastic... 12.3 MP, up to 5 fps, 200-6400 ISO, RAW and Jpeg capability, a hybrid viewfinder, a fixed Fujinon 35mm(equivalent) F2 lens and a Magnesium alloy body, this could be the killer compact.

The camera should be on camera shop shelves in early March and the recommended retail price is £999 in the UK but it has already been suggested that many retailers will go for a £899 price point although I have already noticed a few online retailers advertising the camera for pre-order at £1020. Considering the price of a Leica X1 being around £1400 and the M9 £4850
the Fuji X100 sounds incredible value. The only hitch is that as of yet, no one has had a proper look at it, so hopefully soon we'll see the likes of dpreview and the print media publishing in depth reviews and high res samples of the files it can actually shoot.

Focus speed, Shutter lag, Image processing time, quality and ISO performance are all questions that have to be answered before parting with any cash of course but I'm fairly confident Fuji will deliver, I mean it's about time someone brought a out a truly decent high end digital compact with a viewfinder  !

It's very reminiscent in it's essence to one of my all time favourite cameras, the Konica Hexar AF

a fantastic street camera, which I still own and occasionally take out of it's box to shoot a few rolls of Neopan through. If the Fuji X100 comes anywhere to close to the experience of the Hexar in digital form, I for one will be incredibly happy .... oh yeah and before I forget, how about doing it in black as well as silver ?


Leon Neal said…
It certainly looks a good bit of kit. I look forward to borrowing yours! ;)

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