Afghanistan video

Over the last few years i've shot video alongside my stills whilst on assignment and have been wondering wether now is the time to invest in the new-ish Eos 5d MkII . On the more demanding of jobs, especially in hostile environments, carrying both stills and video equipment is a hinderance for me and the ability to shoot both video and stills in one unit appears to have great advantages. The only thing that has put me off going down this track so far is the simple fact that ergonomically the 5d mkII slr style body doesn't seem that suited to the task of shooting moving images and keeping the camera steady seems a tad tricky without using shoulder mounts and gyroscopic lenses. I recently stumbled upon a video made by Danfung Dennis whilst searching the web for quality 5d video in combat situations. I've admired his stills work from his coverage of the middle east over the last few years and this thoughtfully made piece of documentary video is proof that hard news can indeed be filmed with a DSLR
Check it out here ..


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